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Hourly Videography Studio Rental in Singapore

Looking for a video studio in Singapore? GetSpaces has the perfect collection of studios of various sizes, equipment and locations just for you. Use our platform to find venues, chat with hosts and find the best space for your video shoot needs. Rent a professional video studio, or remove our filters and search from all kinds of locations such as meeting rooms, event venues or cafes.

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We break down real estate into its most flexible form. Share your space at any size, purpose or term. We'll take care of the work, you just provide the space.

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Videography Studios for rent

Looking for a space to for your live streams or video productions? Browse through our platform to find video studios that are suitable for your needs. Find out what equipment each studio has that enables you to best showcase your creativity. Chat with the host if you have any questions. Book these studios on an hourly basis and pay online with no fuss!

Save more with credits

Use our credits package to get more bang for your buck. Save more with our credits and gain access to our concierge service.

Flexible or Long-term Leases

Don't just need an hourly space? Use our platform to find the right canvas to set up your future content studio. Explore our array of unique properties and find your canvas to unleash your creativity.

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