Studio Room B by Cozy Up with Craft @Lor Kilat
Beauty World
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150 Sq Ft1 - 9 pax
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About This Space

The space is called 'Cozy Up with Craft - welcomes all fellow crafters to book at an affordable price instantly. Studio B is one of three self-enclosed room available. With blinds for the glass door ensuring privacy for users.

More about the Room:

This room is well ventilated with air-conditioning, with natural sunlight making it ideal for photo taking. Furnishing can be changed with prior written request, subject to availability). Great for hosting crafting events, giving talks, team bonding games, study room & more!

More about the Venue:

5-6 minutes walk from Beauty World MRT and situated in a quiet building amidst the busy neighbourhood of Chun Tin and Lorong Kilat roads, nicely decorated with high ceilings. Walk up studio (Level 2), no lift.

Amenities include (not limited to): - toilet in the space, proximity to hawker centres, ice cream places, restaurants, shopping malls and cafes.

Direction to the Venue (Search Cozy Up with Craft on Google Map) :

via MRT Exit B (Upper Bukit Timah Rd/Chun Tin Road) at Beauty World Station. Walk along Chun Tin Rd , Jalan Seah Chuan and turn into Lorong Kilat.

via CAR. Ample parking along the Lor Kilat (Free parking after 5pm for Mon- Sat, Sunday and public holidays)

Via Bus stop (Jalan Jurong Kechil, Bukit Timah CC)

The centre is called 'Cozy Up with Craft - welcomes all fellow crafters to book at a affordable price instantly.


(Extracted and updated from 10 June 2021) : Only those conducted for participants above 18 will be allowed to continue in-person, subject to the guidelines below. From 21 June 2021, arts and culture classes, lectures, talk and workshop for participants aged 18 and below may also resume.

Training classes and professional workshops

In-person training classes and professional workshops, except for classes in singing, voice training, speech and drama, and wind instruments, must adhere to the following requirements:

From 14 June 2021, limit group size to no more than 5 participants (excluding one instructor).

From 14 June 2021, more than one group of 5 may be permitted in the same room, as long as there is:

1. At least 1 metre spacing between all groups;

2. No physical interaction or intermingling with other groups;

3. No more than 50 persons in a single room

All participants and instructors must remain masked at all times. Activities that cannot be conducted with masks on must be suspended. Face shields are not allowed as substitutes for proper masks.

Sharing of all other equipment (e.g. props, musical instruments and microphones) should be avoided as far as possible. If this cannot be done, the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and/or disinfected before handled or used by others.

All surfaces are to be thoroughly cleaned and/or disinfected between classes and workshops.

Venues should be as well-ventilated as possible.

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