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Flex Rental
Fixed Rental

Flexi Rental

Flexible, ready-to-use space available for hourly, daily, or monthly bookings


Discover flexible spaces easily. Tailor your search to your needs and find the right space effortlessly


Opt for hourly, daily, monthly bookings, or set specific recurring timings for your convenience


Confirm your booking and pay using GetSpaces credits or credit card

Fixed Rental

Exclusive, full-time tenancy with space usage limited to approved purposes


Fill up a form designed to capture your ideal specifications in under 3 minutes.


Our staff or partner agents will initiate contact to find out more about your distinctive requirements


Complete the process by placing a deposit, and signing the rental agreement

Save more with GetSpaces credit package

You can purchase GetSpaces credits that can be used when you book a space. The more you buy, the more you save.

Have A Space?

We break down real estate into its most flexible form. Monetize your space at any size, purpose or term. We'll take care of the work, you just provide the space.


Can't find the space you need? Feel free to reach out


Discover Property on your terms

Whether you require a fully fitted space for a certain timeslots, a working space for a few months or a property you can call your own on a lease, GetSpaces is here to make that happen. Find your dream space in the right way with us.

Rent flexible spaces by the hour, day or month

Looking for a studio to for fitness and dance? Need a beautiful space to run classes or workshops? Looking for a venue to hold a corporate or a private event? Our flexible space marketplace has got you covered.

Save more with credits

Purchase our credits package and get more bang for your buck! Get access to our corporate concierge service and let us help you find the right location.

Any further questions?

You can chat with our hosts through our platform and get a response directly. If you have any issues using our website, or just need some advice on appropriate spaces for you, reach out to us via our WhatsApp line in the "Contact Us" page below.

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