About us page

Transforming mere concrete walls to hubs of creativity, collaboration and commerce.

Our Beginnings

As passionate problem-solvers coming from working for other startups, the team behind GetSpaces was always eager to tackle optimization challenges that others might have overlooked. The idea for GetSpaces was born out of our personal observations of a widespread, yet untapped issue: the abundance of vacant spaces that were brimming with potential, but sadly underutilized.

To us, we believe that spaces don't merely exist to occupy physical dimensions; they're made to be interacted and engaged with. It is people who bring them to life, transforming them from mere concrete walls to hubs of creativity, collaboration, and commerce.

Our cities are limited in space, but full of underutilized spaces.

The issue of land scarcity is not a recent concern. In order to address it, we've consistently employed measures focused on land reclamation. But we have overlooked the potential of the underutilized spaces all around us. According to a JLL report, it is estimated that globally, 42% of commercial office spaces are underutilized. Unknowingly, we witness this reality everyday. It's not just about vacant offices; it also includes studios that are open only a few days a week, event venues that are occupied for limited hours, and empty classrooms when there are no scheduled classes.

Our vision

The pervasive disconnect between the requirements of businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs and the available spaces that could meet their needs made it clear to us that there was a vast reservoir of untapped potential. We couldn’t just stand by and let this inefficiency persist. Hence, we envisioned a solution - a platform that would serve as a catalyst, sparking connections between spaces and those who seek them.

Our mission

That's why we created GetSpaces - to bridge this gap and democratize access to spaces. Our platform dispels the issues of information asymmetry, offering a seamless conduit for people to discover and engage with spaces that were once hidden or inaccessible. This is our mission, our purpose - to unlock and activate potential, one space at a time.

If you'd like to read more about our journey, we've written a blog article that dives deeper to our story here.